of the week last, next, that, this (coming) ~ ~ last/next (week) The concert is this coming Wednesday. Are you free next Thursday? She's arriving on Friday next.

the ~ before, the previous ~ I'd been paid the previous Friday.

the following ~ She was due to start work the following Monday.

~ of last/next/that/this week He arrived on Monday of last week.

the ~ before last We came here the Tuesday before last.

~ week, a week on ~ I've bought tickets for Thursday week (= for the performance that is seven days after Thursday).

the first/second/third/last ~ in/of the month The museum is free on the last Sunday of every month.

alternate ~s, each, every ~ The competition is fixed for alternate Wednesdays.

all day ~ The restaurant is closed all day Saturday.

~ afternoon, evening, morning, night, etc. I'll see you on Friday evening. Saturday lunchtimes are very busy in the restaurant.

first thing (on) ~ I'll post it first thing on Monday morning.

late (on) ~ The crash occurred late on Tuesday night.

one ~ (written) One Saturday morning, without telling anyone of my plan, I boarded a bus and headed out.

spend ~ She liked to spend Saturday afternoon shopping.

see sb ~ (informal) So I'll see you Monday, then?

manage ~ (informal) I could manage (= meet you on) Tuesday, say 11.30?

open/closed (on) ~ We're open every day except Sunday.

~ arrive, come, dawn (written) Monday dawned still and misty, with a promise of autumn sunshine.

on (a) ~ A public meeting is to be held on Wednesday at the town hall.She was born on a Sunday.I like to just relax on Saturdays.

between ~ and ~ (from) ~ to ~ The ticket office is open until 5 p.m. Monday to Friday.

by, no later than ~ Entries are to arrive no later than Monday, 1 October. A special meeting is arranged for Friday 17 May.

~'s deadline, election, game, meeting, performance, race, etc. He was not present at Tuesday's meeting.