of the compass due ~ (of) The village is due north of Paris.

far ~ a small village in the far north of Scotland. The reserve is a little further south on the coast.

down south, up north (informal) They have moved down south (= to the south of the country).

journey, way ~ On our way south we travelled through several small villages.

road, track ~ the road west out of the city

be/lie ~ of Brighton is south of London.

come, drive, fly, go, run, travel, walk ~ From Fort William drive north for a couple of miles.

set off ~ The troops set off north.

carry on, continue, proceed ~ The road continues west for 10 miles.

bear, head ~ Take the N1 motorway heading west from Bern.

turn ~ When you reach the top of the hill turn north-east.

face, look ~ The kitchen window faces south. The painting depicts the Grand Canal, Venice, looking north from the Rialto Bridge.

~ bank, coast, shore the south bank of the river

~ wind a bitter east wind

in the ~ (of) I live in the north. There are lakes in the north-east of Poland.

from the ~ (of) The wind is coming from the west.

to the ~ (of) Oxford is to the north-west of London.

towards the ~ Towards the north the woods turn into pine forests.

Which way is ~? Which way is west?