account noun

1 description

ADJ. brief, short | blow-by-blow, comprehensive, detailed, full, graphic, vivid He gave us a blow-by-blow account of the incident. | accurate, clear, eyewitness, factual, first-hand, true, verbatim | glowing, good She received a glowing account of her son's progress. | newspaper the newspaper account of the trial

VERB + ACCOUNT give (sb), provide (sb with), write (sb) Can you give us an account of what happened?

PREP. in an/the ~ Dr Richards describes this very well in his account of the events.

PHRASES by all accounts (= according to what people say) I've never been there, but it's a lovely place by all accounts. | by sb's own account By his own account he had an unhappy childhood.

2 arrangement with a bank

ADJ. bank, building society | current | deposit, investment, savings | personal | business | joint, separate My husband and I have separate accounts. | numbered They have a numbered account in Switzerland.

VERB + ACCOUNT have, hold Go and see the manager of the bank where your account is held. | open She opened a savings account at the building society. | close | credit sth to, pay/put sth into The money will be credited to your account tomorrow. | debit (sth from), draw sth out (of), pay sth from, take sth out (of), withdraw sth (from) She had taken all her money out of her account. | overdraw Your account is overdrawn.

PREP. ~ at He opened an account at a bank in Germany. | ~ with an account with Barclays Bank

3 accounts: record of money a business earns/spends

VERB + ACCOUNT do, keep Try to keep accurate accounts. | audit, check, look at | submit Your accounts will need to be submitted to the tax office.

ACCOUNT + VERB be in order The accounts are all in order. > Special page at BUSINESS

4 arrangement with a shop/business

ADJ. expense (= an arrangement to charge expenses to your own employers) taking clients for expense account lunches

VERB + ACCOUNT have | open I'd like to open an account, please. | close | pay off, settle It is best to settle the account each month. | charge sth to, debit (sth from), put sth on Charge this to my account, please. | credit sth to

PREP. on ~ Ring for a cab on account. | ~ at/with an account with a large store