admit verb

ADV. freely, readily He freely admitted that he had taken bribes. | frankly, honestly | openly | privately Some ministers admit privately that unemployment could continue to rise. | grudgingly, reluctantly In the end he'd done a good job, Caroline admitted grudgingly.

VERB + ADMIT be forced to, have to, must I must admit that the results were disappointing. | refuse to | be honest enough to, be prepared to, be the first to, be willing to, dare (to), have the courage to He was honest enough to admit his mistake. She would be the first to admit that she is very difficult to work with. She dared not admit her fear. | be ashamed to, be embarrassed to, be loath to, be reluctant to, be unwilling to, hate to, not care to I hate to admit it, but I think he is right. He had caused her more pain than she cared to admit.

PREP. to He admitted to feeling a bit tired.

PHRASES I don't mind admitting I was scared and I don't mind admitting it.