affinity noun

1 strong feeling that you like/understand sb/sth

ADJ. close, great, natural, real, special, strong I felt a great affinity with the people of the Highlands. | natural He has a natural affinity with numbers.

VERB + AFFINITY feel, have, share It's important that you share an affinity with your husband. | display, show

PREP. ~ between an affinity between the two women | ~ for Many girls do show an affinity for craft skills. | ~ towards Jo feels a great affinity towards Pamela. | ~ with an affinity with animals

2 similar quality in two or more people/things

ADJ. close, great

QUANT. degree, level

VERB + AFFINITY have A house design should have some affinity with the surrounding architecture. | show In his poems he showed some affinity with Coleridge.

PREP. ~ between There is a close affinity between these two species. | ~ with an affinity with earlier poets