approach noun

1 way of dealing with sb/sth

ADJ. conventional, orthodox, traditional | alternative, different, fresh, new, novel We need to try alternative approaches to the problem. | cautious, conservative | creative, innovative | flexible | direct, no-nonsense, positive, practical, pragmatic, problem-solving, rational, useful | indirect | formal | informal | right | wrong | analytical, scientific, structured, systematic, theoretical | holistic, integrated | basic, general | objective | simplistic

VERB + APPROACH have Some teachers have a more formal approach to teaching. | adopt, develop, take, try, use We need to adopt a more pragmatic approach. | favour, prefer She favoured the direct approach.

PREP. ~ to I liked her approach to the problem

2 act of coming nearer

VERB + APPROACH make The aircraft had to make a steep approach to the landing strip.

PREP. at the ~ of The children fell silent at the approach of their teacher. | with the ~ of The weather turned colder with the approach of autumn. | ~ to The plane crashed during its approach to the runway.

3 discussion with sb in order to ask them for sth

VERB + APPROACH make | have, receive

PREP. ~ from We've received an approach from the director of a rival firm. | ~ to We'll have to make an approach to the managing director.