artist noun

1 person who creates works of art

ADJ. gifted, great, talented | distinguished, established, famous, leading, major, successful, well-known | aspiring, budding, up-and-coming | struggling, unknown | amateur, professional | self-taught | serious He is a serious artist, and totally committed to his work. | local | female, woman | male | creative | real, true (figurative) My husband is a real artist in the kitchen. | abstract, avant-garde, commercial, conceptual, figurative, fine, graffiti, graphic, landscape, make-up, pavement, performance, pop/popular, scenic, visual, war, watercolour, wildlife | contemporary, living, modern, nineteenth-century, etc.

VERB + ARTIST commission In 1942 the city commissioned war artist John Piper to paint its bombed cathedral. | feature an exhibition featuring wildlife artist Emma Gray

ARTIST + VERB create sth, draw (sth), paint (sth), produce sth an artist who paints in oils | work artists who work in different media | exhibit sth, show sth Local watercolour artists are currently exhibiting their work in the town hall.

PHRASES an artist in residence the new artist in residence at the Tate Gallery

2 (also artiste) a professional entertainer

ADJ. guest The Blue Note Quartet will be the guest artists tomorrow night. | solo | recording | cabaret, escape, mime, music hall, rap, reggae, trapeze, variety

VERB + ARTIST feature The festival featured artists such John Mclaughlin and Russell Malone.

ARTIST + VERB perform (sth) | work > Note at JOB