assistance noun

ADJ. considerable, great, real, substantial | limited | invaluable, valuable | practical | special | direct, emergency, immediate People in the flooded areas are in need of direct assistance. | mutual The treaty pledged mutual assistance in the event of an attack on either country. | expert, professional | external, outside | foreign, international | government, national They argued the case for extra government assistance for the poorest regions. | public, social, welfare the stigma attached to receiving social assistance | personal disabled people who need personal assistance to enable them to live in their own homes | humanitarian | economic, financial, legal, material, medical, military, technical

VERB + ASSISTANCE give sb, offer (sb), provide, render We provide assistance if your car breaks down. | get, receive Did you receive any assistance from the authorities? | pledge, promise (sb) The World Bank promised assistance to the value of $5 million. | be in need of, need, require | expect | ask for, call for, seek I advise you to seek assistance from the police. | turn to sb for She had no one to turn to for assistance. | be of, come to sb's Do let us know if we can be of any assistance to you. A sympathetic neighbour came to his assistance. | welcome

PREP. with/without ~ The work was completed with the assistance of local carpenters. | ~ for humanitarian assistance for refugees | ~ from assistance from friends and family | ~ in assistance in finding suitable accommodation | ~ with assistance with rent for people on a low income