bail noun

ADJ. conditional, unconditional | police

VERB + BAIL apply for | allow sb, give sb, grant (sb) She has been granted conditional bail. | set The judge set bail at £50,000. | get She couldn't get bail and now she's lost those 20 months she spent on remand. | oppose The police were successful in opposing bail. | refuse (sb) | post, put up, stand A wealthy businessman has stood bail for him. | free sb on, release sb on, remand sb on They were released on police bail pending further enquiries. | jump, skip (= not return for your trial after bail has been granted)

BAIL + NOUN application | conditions | hostel He was sent to a bail hostel until the case came to court.

PREP. (out) on ~ He committed another robbery while out on bail. | without ~ The accused were held without bail.

PHRASES an application for bail