bar noun

1 for drinks/food

ADJ. licensed | crowded | lounge, public, saloon | gay, singles | cocktail, wine | breakfast, coffee, salad, sandwich, snack

VERB + BAR drop into, go to, stop at He often drops into a bar on the way home from work. | manage, run

BAR + NOUN food, menu, snacks | stool

PREP. in a/the ~ There were not many people in the bar.

2 counter

VERB + BAR be propping up (humorous), drink at, lean on, sit at, stand at You can usually find him propping up the bar of the Red Lion. | serve behind I didn't recognize the man who was serving behind the bar.

PREP. at the ~ They were chatting at the bar. | behind the ~ The barmaid stood behind the bar.

3 in music

VERB + BAR hum, play, sing She played a few bars on the piano.

PREP. in a/the ~ the notes in the first bar

PHRASES two, four, etc. beats to the bar