bass noun

1 lowest part in music

ADJ. boomy, loud, pounding | solid The bass clarinet forms a solid bass for the woodwind group. | ground The church organist may improvise on a ground bass. | figured (= a bass line in which the chords are represented by figures, not written out in full) the abandonment in the late 18th century of figured bass in favour of completely written out orchestral scores

VERB + BASS sing He sings bass in our local choir. | turn down/up He always plays his stereo with the bass turned right up.

BASS + NOUN note, sound | line a pounding bass line | clef

2 lowest male singing voice

ADJ. deep, low

VERB + BASS sing Don has agreed to sing bass (= sing the bass part).

BASS + NOUN voice | part

PREP. in a … ~ He answered my question in a surprisingly deep bass.

3 bass guitar

ADJ. electric | fretless

VERB + BASS tune (up)

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