beam noun

1 ray of light

ADJ. bright, intense, piercing, powerful | narrow, thin | electron, laser, searchlight, torch

VERB + BEAM direct, point, send, shine | play He played the beam of his torch over the wall of the cave. | catch sb/sth in He was suddenly caught in the full beam of a searchlight.

BEAM + VERB shine | illuminate sth, light sth up

PREP. ~ from the beam from the lighthouse | ~ of A beam of sunlight shone in through the window.

PHRASES on full beam car headlights on full beam

2 long piece of wood/metal

ADJ. timber, wooden | oak | iron, metal, steel | old, original a cottage with original beams and a thatched roof | exposed a cosy pub with exposed oak beams | horizontal, vertical

BEAM + VERB support sth