bill noun

1 showing money owed for goods/services

ADJ. big, high, huge, large | outstanding, unpaid | itemized | electricity, fuel, gas, hospital, hotel, phone/telephone, etc. | tax

VERB + BILL get, have Could I have the bill please? I've just got a huge tax bill. | be landed with, face The company could now face higher fuel bills. | run up We ran up a very large hotel bill. | foot, pay, pick up, settle Don't worry?the company will pick up the bill. | present sb with, send sb, submit They presented us with a very large bill. | cut, reduce We need to cut our electricity bills.

PREP. on a/the ~ Are the coffees on the bill? | ~ for the bill for the meal

2 proposal for a new law

ADJ. controversial | emergency | private member's

VERB + BILL bring before Parliament, bring forward/in, introduce, propose, put forward, submit The bill will be brought before Parliament next year. The government has put forward an emergency bill to limit the powers of the police. | force through, push through, railroad through, rush through The opposition will try to force the bill through Parliament. | draft, prepare | amend | debate | adopt, approve, pass | support, vote for | defeat, reject, throw out, veto | oppose, vote against | shelve, withdraw

3 programme of entertainment

ADJ. double

VERB + BILL head, top Tom Jones is topping the bill.

PREP. on a/the ~ Mozart is on the bill this evening.