book noun

1 for reading

ADJ. latest, new, recent | forthcoming | hardback, paperback | printed one of the earliest printed books | rare | second-hand | delightful, excellent, fascinating, fine, good, great, interesting, remarkable, useful There's nothing like curling up with a mug of tea and a good book. | famous, important, influential | controversial a controversial book about the royal family | favourite a survey to find the nation's favourite children's book | library | set ‘Emma’ was one of our set books for A level. | children's, comic, cookery, guide, hymn, phrase, picture, prayer, reference, school, story, text (also textbook), travel | address, autograph, cheque, exercise, log, order, phone/telephone, sketch

QUANT. copy How many copies of the book did you order?

VERB + BOOK be deep/engrossed/immersed in, flick/skim through, look at, read | look up from She looked up from her book and smiled at him. | co-author, write | bring out, publish, put out | reprint | edit, proofread, revise | translate | illustrate | bind | ban, censor | dedicate, inscribe The book is dedicated to his mother. Her name was inscribed in the book. The collector had many books inscribed to him by famous authors. | review | borrow, have out, take out (= from a library) How many books have you got out? | return, take back (= to a library) | renew Do you want to renew any of your library books? | stock | plagiarize

BOOK + VERB appear, come out His latest book will appear in December. | be/go out of print

BOOK + NOUN title | shop (also bookshop) | review, reviewer | club

PREP. in a/the ~ These issues are discussed in his latest book. | ~ about/on She's busy writing a book on astrology. | ~ by a book by Robert Grout | ~ for a book for new parents | ~ from a new book from the publishing company, Bookworm | ~ of a book of walks in London 2 books company records

ADJ. account

VERB + BOOK audit, do, keep She does the books for us.