breath noun

ADJ. big, deep, long, slow | quick, shallow, short | bad Smoking gives you bad breath.

VERB + BREATH draw (in), suck in, take He spoke solidly for twenty minutes, barely pausing to draw breath. Take a deep breath and try to relax. | let out He let out a long breath. | hold How long can you hold your breath for? | get back I needed a few minutes to get my breath back after the run. | catch When he said he had resigned, I caught my breath in surprise. | gasp for He came up out of the water gasping for breath. | pause for She poured out her story, hardly pausing for breath. | save (figurative) It's useless talking to him?you may as well save your breath. | waste (figurative) Don't waste your breath. He never listens to advice.

BREATH + VERB come in gasps/pants/puffs His breath came in short gasps.

PREP. on sb's ~ I could smell gin on her breath. | out of ~ I'm a bit out of breath after my run. | under your ~ He was whispering rude remarks about her under his breath. | ~ of It was a still day, without a breath of wind.

PHRASES a breath of fresh air I'm going outside for a breath of fresh air. | an intake of breath When the news was announced, there was a sharp intake of breath. | in the same breath How can we trust a government that mentions community care and cutbacks in the same breath? | short of breath I felt a bit short of breath and had to sit down. | take sb's breath away (figurative) The sheer audacity of the man took my breath away.