bullet noun

ADJ. live | stray | explosive | plastic, rubber | .45 calibre, etc. | machine-gun, rifle, tracer

VERB + BULLET fire, spray sth with The embassy was sprayed with bullets. | shoot (used of a gun) faster than a machine-gun can shoot bullets | be riddled with The body was riddled with bullets. | put They had put a bullet through his brain.

BULLET + VERB hit sb/sth, shoot sb, strike sb/sth The second bullet hit her in the back. | miss sb/sth The bullet missed his heart by less than an inch. | enter sb/sth | kill sb | be lodged, lodge Surgeons are trying to remove a bullet lodged near his spine. | go, pass | fly across, around, etc. sb/sth, rip through sb/sth, smash/thud into sb/sth, whistle past sb/sth A stray bullet whistled past his ear. | bounce, ricochet The bullets ricocheted off the stones.

BULLET + NOUN hole | wound | scar

PREP. ~ from It is a bullet from the same gun that killed the Italian. | ~ in/through The second bullet hit her in the back.

PHRASES a hail/volley of bullets They died in a hail of bullets. | a sniper's bullet She was shot through the head by a sniper's bullet.