burden noun

1 responsibility/worry

ADJ. great, heavy, onerous | crippling, intolerable | administrative, economic, financial, tax

VERB + BURDEN bear, carry The manager carries the greatest burden of responsibility. | assume, shoulder, take on She had to shoulder the burden of childcare. | impose, place His illness placed an intolerable burden on his family. | increase | ease, lighten, reduce, relieve | lift, remove The administrative burden must be lifted from local government. | shift plans to shift the burden of taxation onto larger companies | share I need to share my burden with someone.

BURDEN + VERB fall on sb/sth The economic burden falls mainly on businesses.

PREP. ~ for a burden for the whole family | ~ of the burden of high taxation | ~ on/upon easing the financial burden on families | ~ to She felt she was a burden to her parents.

PHRASES the burden of proof (law) (= the responsibility of proving that sth is true) The burden of proof falls on the prosecution: the accused is presumed innocent until proved guilty. | have a burden on your shoulders He has the burden of a large family on his shoulders. | lift a burden from sb's shoulders

2 heavy load

VERB + BURDEN carry The women carried their burdens on their backs. | pick up | lay down, put down

PHRASES a beast of burden (= an animal used to do heavy work such as pulling or carrying things)