camera noun

ADJ. 3D, automatic, box, cine, closed-circuit, digital, electronic, infra-red, microfilm, movie, pinhole, polaroid, SLR, television/TV, underwater, video | compact | security, surveillance | hand-held, mobile | candid

VERB + CAMERA focus, point Simply point your camera at the subject and press the button. | pose for The royal couple posed for the cameras. | brave, face He couldn't bring himself to face the cameras and left by a back exit. | mount The film was taken by a camera mounted on a hang-glider. | install Closed-circuit cameras have been installed throughout the building. | set up The crews have been setting up their cameras. | load

CAMERA + VERB film sth | catch sth The camera has caught the expression on the Queen's face beautifully. | focus on | roll The director gave the signal and the cameras rolled. | click She stepped onto the balcony and a thousand cameras clicked.

CAMERA + NOUN crew, team | assistant | bag, equipment, lens, tripod | angle, position | work

PREP. in front of the ~s He played his first match at Everton in front of the TV cameras. | off ~ The incident occurred off camera (= was not filmed). | on ~ The moment was caught on camera.