capital noun

1 money used to start a business, etc.

ADJ. fixed, starting | working | foreign, private | equity, investment, share | risk, venture

VERB + CAPITAL have We don't have enough capital to buy new premises. | accumulate, attract, borrow, generate, raise He had various ideas on how to raise capital for the project. | invest, provide, put (up), sink The company has put a lot of capital into the project. We can't expect the government to put up the capital. He sank vast amounts of capital in the venture. | free up, release, unlock | tie up Our capital is all tied up in property.

CAPITAL + NOUN assets, goods, resources, stock | costs, expenditure, investment, outlay, repayment, spending | accumulation, growth | account | grant | project investment in major capital projects | gain, loss | flows, inflow, movement, outflow, receipt | value the capital value of the property | market

PHRASES capital intensive capital intensive industries | an injection of capital Inner city areas require a large injection of capital. | a return on your capital Investors want an immediate return on their capital. > Special page at BUSINESS

2 city

ADJ. great, major The department store has branches in all major capitals. | British, Japanese, etc. | foreign | provincial, regional, state | cultural, financial, etc.

PREP. in a/the ~ the fast pace of life in the capital | ~ of

PHRASES … capital of the world Las Vegas is the gambling capital of the world.