care noun

1 looking after sb/sth

ADJ. good, great He loved his books and took great care of them. | loving, tender She's still very frail and will need lots of tender loving care. | private | voluntary | constant, full-time, round-the-clock | continuing, long-term | short-term, temporary | daily, day-to-day, routine | intensive Last night she was critically ill in intensive care. an intensive care unit | clinical, emergency, health, medical, nursing, patient | hospital, inpatient, institutional, residential | day, non-hospital, outpatient | community | domestic, domiciliary, home, home-based | primary, secondary, tertiary | antenatal, dental, psychiatric | palliative | formal, informal The couple relied on informal care from relatives. | foster | public children in public care | pastoral, spiritual | client, customer | hair, skin

VERB + CARE take He left his job to take care of his sick wife. I'll take care of hiring the car. | provide (sb with) | need, require | receive | take sb into The boys were taken into care when their parents died.

CARE + NOUN services | centre, home, unit | manager, worker | management | plan, policy, programme | allowance | needs, order

PREP. in ~ He had been in foster care since he was five. | in sb's ~ You won't come to any harm while you're in their care. Many historic sites are in the care of the National Trust. | under the ~ of He's under the care of Dr Parks. | ~ of

PHRASES the quality/standard of care

2 attention/thought given to sth

ADJ. extreme, good, great Great care should be taken to ensure that the equipment is clean. | extra, special | infinite, the utmost | exquisite, meticulous, painstaking, scrupulous The little girl was writing her name with painstaking care. | exaggerated, excessive He takes excessive care of his appearance. | due (formal), proper, reasonable The householder has a duty to take reasonable care for the visitor's safety.

VERB + CARE exercise, take

PREP. with ~ A label on the box read: ‘Glass?handle with care’. | without ~ He was found guilty of driving without due care and attention.