chair noun

1 piece of furniture

ADJ. comfortable, comfy, cushioned, padded, plush, soft, upholstered | hard, uncomfortable | deep, low | high-backed, straight-backed, wing-backed, winged | rush-seated, tubular | rickety | reclining, swivel He lay back in the reclining chair and went to sleep. She returned to the swivel chair behind her desk. | folding | matching a dining table and four matching chairs | empty ‘Please, be my guest.’ He gestured towards an empty chair. | antique | mahogany, plastic, steel, wooden | dining, fireside, kitchen

QUANT. row | set a set of antique mahogany dining chairs

VERB + CHAIR draw up, pull up ‘Can I join you?’‘Yes, pull up a chair.’ | pull out He pulled out a chair for her. | have, take Come in and take a chair. | give sb He gave her his chair. | push back He pushed back his chair and got to his feet. | collapse into/onto, flop (back/down) in/into/on/onto, lower yourself into, settle (back) in/into/on, sink (back/down) into, slump (back/down) in/into, sit (down) in/on She dropped her bags and flopped down into the nearest chair. | lean back in, lie back in, lounge (back) in, recline (back) in, relax (back) in, sprawl/be sprawled in He put his feet up on the desk and lay back in his chair. | lean forward in | straighten (up) in They straightened in their chairs when the manager burst in. | get out of, get up from/off, jump (up) from/out of, leap out of/from, rise from He got up from his chair to address the meeting. | rock backwards and forwards in/on, shift (about) in, tip back He was shifting about uneasily in his chair. She tipped her chair back and fixed her gaze full upon him. | swivel (on), swivel (round) in She swivelled round in her chair and picked up the phone.

CHAIR + VERB be placed, stand A chair stood facing the window. | swivel | fall over, tip up, topple over | creak The chair creaked every time I moved.

CHAIR + NOUN arm, back, leg, seat | cover, frame | lift A chair lift carried us to the top of the ski run.

PREP. into a/the ~ He sank into his chair and opened the letter. | in a/the ~ She leaned back in her chair and lit a cigarette. | on a/the ~ A cat was asleep on the chair.

PHRASES the arm/back/edge/leg of a chair She gripped the arm of her chair as she spoke. He sat nervously on the edge of his chair. > See ARMCHAIR

2 person controlling a meeting

ADJ. acting, deputy

VERB + CHAIR occupy, take Anne took the chair (= was chairperson) in Carol's absence. | address (sth to) Please address your questions to the chair. | appoint sb (as), elect sb (as)

PREP. in the ~ Paul Ryan was in the chair (= was chairman) at today's meeting.

3 position of university professor

ADJ. professorial

VERB + CHAIR hold, occupy He held the Chair of Botany at Cambridge University for thirty years. | appoint sb to | relinquish, resign | endow, establish A private benefactor endowed the new Chair of Japanese Literature.