challenge noun

1 sth new and difficult

ADJ. big, considerable, enormous, great, huge, radical, real, serious, significant, strong | difficult, tough | major, main | fresh, new | exciting, interesting | economic, environmental, intellectual, political, technical, technological Liszt's piano music presents an enormous technical challenge.

VERB + CHALLENGE be, pose, present | face, meet, respond to, rise to, take on/up The gallery has risen to the challenge of exhibiting the works of young artists. He has taken on some exciting new challenges with this job.

CHALLENGE + VERB face sb the challenges facing nurses in casualty

2 that shows that sb refuses to accept sth

ADJ. serious | direct | effective | legal

VERB + CHALLENGE be, present, represent The demonstration represents a direct challenge to the new law.

PREP. ~ to a legal challenge to the president's power

3 invitation to compete

ADJ. leadership, title his title challenge to the heavyweight champion

VERB + CHALLENGE issue, mount plans to mount a leadership challenge within the party | accept, take up I accepted his challenge to a game of chess. | beat off, fight off Our team will have to fight off the challenge from better trained teams.

PREP. ~ from a challenge from the other political party