clear adj.

1 easy to understand

VERBS be, seem | become | make sth | find sth

ADV. abundantly, extremely, very | crystal, perfectly, quite You've got to make your intentions crystal clear to them. | by no means, not entirely, not quite It wasn't entirely clear whether she wanted us to help. | fairly, pretty, reasonably

PREP. to It was clear to us that there was a problem.

2 sure/certain


ADV. extremely, very | absolutely, quite

PREP. about She was quite clear about her reasons for leaving. | on Are you clear on that point?

3 easy to see/hear

VERBS be, look | become

ADV. extremely, very The photograph wasn't very clear. | fairly, pretty, reasonably

4 easy to see through

VERBS be | become

ADV. extremely, very | absolutely, completely | fairly, reasonably The water was fairly clear.

5 free from things that are blocking the way

VERBS be, look, seem | remain, stay | keep sth Make sure you keep all gutters and drainpipes clear of leaves.

ADV. completely | fairly, pretty, reasonably

PREP. of The roads are reasonably clear of snow.