comfort noun

1 having all your body needs/a pleasant life

ADJ. great, maximum, modest, reasonable They live in modest comfort. | comparative, relative | added a quilted cover for added comfort | domestic, personal, physical

PREP. for ~ I dress for comfort rather than glamour. | in ~ I like to travel in reasonable comfort.

PHRASES a degree/standard of comfort, in the comfort of your own home, too close/hot for comfort The hotel offers a high standard of comfort. The sound of gunfire was too close for comfort.

2 help/kindness to sb who is suffering

ADJ. great | cold A drop in the unemployment rate was cold comfort for those without a job (= not much comfort at all).

QUANT. crumb, word

VERB + COMFORT bring sb, give sb, offer sb, provide sb with His kind words brought some comfort to the grieving parents. | derive, draw, find, get, seek, take They sought comfort in each other. We took great comfort from the fact that at least some of our savings were safe.

COMFORT + NOUN food Chocolate is a great comfort food.

PREP. ~ in She found comfort in music.

PHRASES a source of comfort

3 sb/sth that helps when you are suffering, etc.

ADJ. great

PREP. ~ to The children have been a great comfort to me through all of this.

4 sth that makes life easier

ADJ. modern | creature, home, material I hate camping?I miss all my creature comforts. | spiritual