comfortable adj.

1 allowing you to feel relaxed

VERBS be, feel, look The bed felt comfortable. | make sth We must think how we can make the room more comfortable for you.

ADV. extremely, incredibly, superbly, very, wonderfully an extremely comfortable chair | perfectly | enough, fairly, moderately, quite, reasonably The hotel was comfortable enough. | surprisingly

2 not having any pain/worry

VERBS be, feel, look Did you feel comfortable and relaxed at the party? | become, get This bed is lumpy?I just can't seem to get comfortable. | make sb/yourself Make yourself comfortable!

ADV. very | completely, entirely, quite, totally I was not entirely comfortable about the plans they had made.

PREP. about They didn't feel comfortable about her travelling alone. | with I don't feel comfortable with him.

3 having/providing enough money for all your needs


ADV. very | quite, relatively I had a relatively comfortable life in Brazil.