command noun

1 order

ADJ. peremptory

VERB + COMMAND carry out, obey | bark, give, issue an army officer barking commands at his men He issued the command to retreat.

PREP. at sb's ~ I am at your command (= ready to obey you). At her command all work stopped.

2 control over sb/sth

ADJ. complete, full, total He was in complete command of the situation. | direct under the direct command of Lieutenant Sykes | sole She was in sole command of one million pounds. | personal | integrated, joint, unified NATO's integrated military command | overall | high, supreme the military high command | army, military

VERB + COMMAND have He had command of 3,000 soldiers. | assume, take (over) | give sb, put sb in | relinquish | lose, be relieved of She has lost command of her senses.

PREP. in ~ Who is in command? She is second in command. | in ~ of He was put in command of the navy. | under sb's ~ The division was under the command of General George. | ~ over his command over resources

PHRASES the chain/line of command

3 ability to do/use sth

ADJ. excellent, fluent, good, perfect | poor


PREP. at your ~ The vast knowledge of the country he has at his command will be invaluable in the job. | ~ of She has an excellent command of French.