communication noun

1 act of communicating

ADJ. effective, good Good communication is important for business. | poor | direct | open | two-way | interpersonal | regular | electronic, non-verbal, verbal, written | business

VERB + COMMUNICATION have I haven't had any communication with him for several years. | establish | facilitate, improve | prevent measures which prevented the prisoners' communication with the outside world

COMMUNICATION + VERB break down Communication between the two sides has broken down.

COMMUNICATION + NOUN skills | breakdown

PREP. in ~ with We are in regular communication with the kidnappers. | ~ between to establish direct communication between the lookout towers | ~ by communication by letter | ~ with We need better communication with clients.

PHRASES a breakdown in communication(s), channels/lines of communication to keep open the channels of communication | a lack of communication, a means/method/system of communication Letters are their only means of communication.

2 communications: systems for sending information

ADJ. good | online | global, international | mass | radio, rail, road, telephone

VERB + COMMUNICATION have | cut off, disrupt

COMMUNICATION + NOUN centre, links, network, satellite, system, technology

PREP. ~ between They tried to disrupt communications between the two headquarters. | ~ with Paris has good rail communications with other major cities.

3 message

ADJ. formal, official

VERB + COMMUNICATION receive | send

PREP. ~ about He received an official communication about the reorganization of the Ministry. | ~ from, ~ to a communication from the officer to the general