composition noun

1 parts that form sth

ADJ. overall The overall composition of the Senate was Democrats 57 and Republicans 43. | internal the character of the state and its internal composition | exact, precise | changing the changing composition of the labour force | age, class, demographic, ethnic, family, gender, household, population, racial, social the ethnic composition of the region | species | chemical, mineralogical

VERB + COMPOSITION determine elections to determine the composition of the assembly

COMPOSITION + VERB change, differ Has household composition changed in the last decade?

PHRASES a change in the composition of sth

2 piece of music

ADJ. classical, instrumental, musical | original an original composition by a popular young composer

VERB + COMPOSITION write | perform, play

PREP. ~ by a composition by John Cage | ~ for a composition for violin and piano

3 art of writing music

ADJ. classical, free, instrumental, musical

PHRASES a method of composition


4 piece of writing

ADJ. literary, original, prose

VERB + COMPOSITION do, write In the exam, you have to do a composition.

PREP. ~ on a composition on the effects of crime

5 art of writing

ADJ. literary, metrical, poetic, prose, written

PHRASES a method of composition

6 work of art

ADJ. abstract, figure, formal, pictorial | original | perfect

PREP. ~ by a composition by the sculptor, Bernt Notke