confusion noun

ADJ. complete, total, utter | considerable, great | slight | general, widespread | administrative | mental

VERB + CONFUSION cause, create, lead to, result in | add to This latest decision has only added to the general confusion. | clear up | plunge sb/sth into, throw sb/sth into The local council has been thrown into total confusion by her resignation.

CONFUSION + VERB arise, reign Confusion reigned when the two managers gave conflicting instructions. | surround sth The government needs to clear up the confusion surrounding its policy on water.

PREP. in (the) ~ She stared at them both in utter confusion. In the confusion that followed, she managed to slip away unnoticed. | ~ about/over There is widespread confusion about the government's transport policy. | ~ among The announcement caused a lot of confusion among the students. | ~ as to confusion as to the whereabouts of the man | ~ between confusion between letters of the alphabet | ~ with the confusion of this book with her last one

PHRASES a scene/state of confusion, to avoid confusion To avoid confusion, label each box clearly.