congress noun

1 large formal meeting/series of meetings

ADJ. international, national, world | annual | party | all-party | founding, inaugural | emergency | extraordinary | full

VERB + CONGRESS attend, go to Three hundred delegates attended the Liberal party congress. | address | convene, hold | organize, schedule | open The general secretary opened the congress on global warming. | close

CONGRESS + VERB take place | agree to sth, approve sth, adopt sth The congress agreed to the tax-cutting package. | call for sth | elect sb | vote

CONGRESS + NOUN delegate, leader | debate

PREP. at a/the ~ We met again at the annual congress. | in ~ It was a year before the association met again in congress. | ~ on a congress on language in education

2 Congress: group of people elected to make laws

CONGRESS + VERB approve sth Congress approved most of the new powers. | pass sth Congress passed a series of important measures. | vote Congress voted to delay a decision.

PREP. in ~ The Liberals in Congress felt the reforms did not go far enough.

PHRASES a member of Congress, a session of Congress legislation for the next session of Congress