container noun

1 box/bottle/packet, etc.

ADJ. shallow | airtight, closed, sealed, watertight | insulated | empty | full | durable Store food in durable containers with lids. | recyclable, refillable | child-proof, child resistant | ideal, suitable, useful Tubes are the ideal container for paint as air is excluded. | special | storage | aluminium, cardboard, glass, metal, plastic, steel, wooden | food, milk, water

VERB + CONTAINER fill Fill the container with water. | store sth in

CONTAINER + VERB contain sth, hold sth a container holding five litres

PREP. in a/the ~ Keep the seeds in an airtight container. | ~ for childproof containers for dangerous substances | ~ of a container of milk

2 large metal box for transporting goods

ADJ. empty | full | bulk, cargo

CONTAINER + VERB contain sth, hold sth containers holding shipments of bananas

CONTAINER + NOUN lorry, ship, truck | port