corner noun

1 where two lines/edges meet

ADJ. bottom, top | left/left-hand, right/right-hand | back, front | lower, upper | southern, south-western, etc. | external, outer, outside | inner, inside, internal | opposite | overhanging, projecting | sharp | rounded Smooth rounded corners make cleaning easier. | awkward Make sure the staircase is well lit, with no awkward corners. | extreme, far, very He parked in the far corner of the car park.

CORNER + NOUN cupboard, seat, table The waiter led us to a corner table.

PREP. in a/the ~ Put your address in the top right-hand corner of the page.

2 of roads

ADJ. street There were a lot of young men hanging about on street corners. | sharp, tight It's a rather sharp corner and she took it a little too fast. | blind I hate coming out of that lane because it's a blind corner.

VERB + CORNER round, take, turn As they turned the corner all the parcels slid to one side.

CORNER + NOUN shop the local corner shop

PREP. around/round a/the ~ A white van came round the corner. | at a/the ~ at the corner of West Street and Park Street Turn right at the first corner. | on a/the ~ the shop on the corner of Mount Street

3 place/region

ADJ. quiet He found a quiet corner and got on with his work. | little, small, tiny Welcome to our little corner of Surrey. | distant, far, far-flung, remote a remote corner of Afghanistan | picturesque | dark, gloomy, shadowed, shadowy She sat in a dark corner of the room. | shady, sheltered a cool shady corner of the garden | forgotten, hidden, obscure, odd, secret The box had been tucked away in an odd corner of the attic.

PREP. in a/the ~ She tucked herself away in a corner and read all day.

PHRASES the corner of your mind (figurative) He pushed the thought back into the darkest corner of his mind.

4 difficult situation

ADJ. tight He was used to having to talk his way out of tight corners.

VERB + CORNER back/drive/force sb into | get sb/yourself into They had got her in a corner and there was nothing she could do about it.

PHRASES be in a bit of a corner I'm in a bit of a corner over finding staff for Friday evening.

5 in sport

ADJ. penalty | short

VERB + CORNER award (sb) The referee awarded a corner. | take Beckham took the corner and Scholes headed it into the net. | force, win He put the goalkeeper under pressure and managed to force a corner. | concede James blocked the shot but conceded a corner. | miss | clear