crack noun

1 line on the surface of sth where it has broken

ADJ. big, deep, huge, large, long, serious | short, small | fine, hairline, thin

CRACK + VERB appear | develop, spread | run A fine crack ran up the wall.

2 narrow opening

ADJ. narrow, small, tiny | wide

VERB + CRACK fill We filled the cracks in the plaster before hanging the wallpaper.

CRACK + VERB appear Wide cracks appeared in the ground during the drought. | open up, widen

PREP. ~ in There's a crack in the fence big enough to look through.

PHRASES a crack of light a tiny crack of light under the door | open a door/window a crack Could you open the window just a crack?

3 sudden loud sound

ADJ. loud, sharp

VERB + CRACK give, let out He gave a crack of laughter. | hear

PREP. with a ~ The chandelier hit the floor with a crack. | ~ of

PHRASES the crack of a whip, a crack of thunder > Note at SOUND