cry noun

1 shout/loud noise

ADJ. great, loud | little, low, small | choked/choking, muffled, stifled, strangled | piercing, shrill | hoarse the hoarse cry of a crow | agonized, anguished, bitter, despairing, desperate, plaintive, terrible | startled | involuntary | battle, rallying, war, warning | animal, bird

VERB + CRY give, let out, raise, utter She gave an agonized cry as they lifted the fallen branch from her leg. He was too weak to raise even the smallest of cries. | hear

CRY + VERB go up A cry went up when it was discovered their man had escaped. | escape An involuntary cry escaped her as he entered the room.

PREP. with a ~ He fell to the ground with a cry. | ~ for (figurative) Her suicide attempt was really a desperate cry for help. | ~ of a cry of despair/delight > Note at SOUND

2 act of crying

ADJ. good | little

VERB + CRY have You'll feel better when you've had a good cry.