cup noun

1 container

ADJ. empty | full | half-empty, half-full | broken, chipped, cracked | china, paper, plastic | coffee, tea

QUANT. set

VERB + CUP fill, refill | drain, empty She was so thirsty that she drained her cup. | lift, pick up, raise She raised her cup to her lips. | place, put down, replace, set down | drink from/out of Customers didn't like drinking out of plastic cups.

CUP + VERB contain sth

PHRASES a cup and saucer

2 drink

ADJ. strong I like a good strong cup of tea first thing in the morning. | fresh My coffee was cold, so I ordered a fresh cup.

VERB + CUP offer sb | make (sb) | pour (sb) I'm making tea. Can I pour you a cup? | help yourself to | stir Enrique stirred his fourth cup of coffee of the day. | drink, sip I drink about ten cups of coffee a day.

PREP. ~ of

PHRASES a nice cup of tea You sit down and I'll make you a nice cup of tea.

3 in sport

ADJ. challenge | knockout | European, World, etc.

VERB + CUP win Who won the cup? | lose | present (sb with) The cup will be presented to the winning team by the president himself. | lift He lifted the cup for the sixth time this year (= it was the sixth time he had won).

CUP + NOUN competition They were the first Turkish team to win a major cup competition. | clash, match The team are ready for next week's World Cup clash with Italy. | final, quarter-final, semi-finals | win, winner

PHRASES the first, etc. round of the cup