curious adj.

1 eager to find out about sb/sth

VERBS be, feel, seem | became, get, grow | remain | make sb Her secretive manner had made me curious.

ADV. deeply, extremely, intensely, very I was intensely curious to know more about him. | a little, mildly, rather, slightly | frankly She coped with the frankly curious looks of the men. | genuinely | idly He saw a book on the table and picked it up, idly curious. | naturally Puppies are naturally curious.

PREP. about I was curious about how she would react. | as to She was curious as to why he was there.

PHRASES curious to find out/know/see sb/sth

2 strange/unusual

VERBS be, feel, look, seem, smell, taste | find sb/sth

ADV. extremely, very I find it very curious that you did not tell anyone. | a little, rather, slightly, somewhat The wine tasted rather curious.