current noun

1 continuous flowing movement of water

ADJ. fast, fast-flowing, powerful, strong | dangerous, treacherous | ocean | prevailing The prevailing current flows from east to west. | off-shore | tidal

CURRENT + VERB flow | carry sb/sth, sweep sb/sth The strong current carried the boat downstream. She was swept away by the treacherous currents.

PREP. against a/the ~ He was swimming against the current. | in a/the ~ The boat was carried along in the current. | with a/the ~ It's easier to go with the current.

2 flow of air

ADJ. warm | air Birds of prey use warm air currents to lift them high in the sky.

PHRASES a current of air

3 flow of electricity through a wire

ADJ. strong, weak | electric, electrical | alternating | direct | input, output

VERB + CURRENT generate, produce | carry, pass, transmit | switch off/on Check all your wiring before switching on the current.

CURRENT + VERB flow, pass through sth Measure the current flowing in the wire.