department noun

1 of a government

ADJ. government | education, health, social services, etc. | fire, police The Tokyo police department is clamping down on organized crime.

DEPARTMENT + NOUN official, spokesman, spokesperson, spokeswoman, staff

PREP. ~ of the Department of the Environment

2 of an organization

ADJ. accident and emergency, casualty, outpatient, physiotherapy | design, finance, marketing, personnel, planning, publicity, sales, etc. | biology, English, maths, etc.

VERB + DEPARTMENT manage, run Staff criticized the way the history department was run.

DEPARTMENT + NOUN head, manager, staff

PREP. in a/the ~ Complaints are dealt with in a different department. | within a/the ~ to gain promotion within the department | ~ of the Department of Town Planning

PHRASES the head of (a) department, a member of a department