depth noun

ADJ. considerable, great going down to great depths below the surface Younger students cannot be expected to have great depth of understanding. | shallow Water normally moves more slowly at shallower depths. | abyssal the abyssal depths of the ocean | black, dark, murky | surprising, unexpected the unexpected depth of his feelings for her | emotional music of great emotional depth

PREP. at ~ The camera must be strong enough to resist the immense water pressure at depth. | at/from/to a ~ of These fish are found at a depth of over 100 metres. | at/from/to a … ~ The clam burrows in the sand to a considerable depth. | in ~ I studied phonology in depth at university. | out of your ~ I don't like going out of my depth in the sea. | ~s of The rejection plunged her into the dark depths of despair.

PHRASES the depths (of the ocean/sea) sharks lurking in the murky grey depths of the sea | depth of emotion/feeling The demonstration showed the depth of feeling against the war. | the ocean depths