design noun

1 making drawings of how sth should be made

ADJ. graphic | computer-aided a specialist in computer-aided design | architectural, industrial, interior

DESIGN + NOUN business, company, consultancy, firm | consultant, engineer, staff, team | centre, department, studio | work She's done some design work for us in the past. | process The new CAD program really speeds up the design process. | program, software | project | ability, expertise, skills

PHRASES art and design I'm doing a course in art and design.

2 the way sth is made/a drawing of this

ADJ. basic, simple | complex, sophisticated | excellent, good | poor | adventurous, bold, innovative, original, revolutionary | attractive, beautiful, stylish | classical, conventional, traditional | ergonomic

VERB + DESIGN come up with, create, produce He's come up with a really good design for a solar-powered car. | follow, use We followed the traditional design.

DESIGN + NOUN feature The latest model incorporates some novel design features. | concept, idea, solution The architect put forward two alternative design concepts for the new library. | brief, requirements, specifications The chair she had sketched was far bigger than stipulated in the design brief. | fault | award The car wouldn't win any design awards, but it's very reliable.

PREP. in ~ The machine is quite simple in design. | of … ~ a vehicle of revolutionary design | to a … ~ The other houses are built to a more conventional design. | ~ for the architect's designs for the cathedral

PHRASES at the design stage Their new car is still at the design stage.

3 pattern that decorates sth

ADJ. elaborate, intricate | simple | abstract, circular, floral, geometric, symmetrical

VERB + DESIGN have The building has intricate geometric designs on several of the walls.

4 intention

ADJ. evil, sinister | grand His grand design was to connect up every academic institution in the world.

VERB + DESIGN harbour, have I suspected that he had some sinister designs.

PREP. by ~ Had it happened by accident or by design?