dinner noun

1 main meal of the day

ADJ. delicious, excellent, good, slap-up, sumptuous We were treated to a slap-up meal with every kind of seafood imaginable. | four-course, three-course, etc. | leisurely | candlelit, romantic | intimate, quiet | Christmas, Sunday | school | convenience, TV (= eaten while sitting watching the TV) | chicken, seafood, turkey, etc.

DINNER + NOUN table There was never much conversation at the dinner table in my family. | things We didn't wash up the dinner things until the morning after. | plates, service a bone-china dinner service | menu The school dinner menu always includes a balance of food types. | bell | money I always forgot to take my dinner money to school. | dance the society's annual dinner dance > Note at MEAL(for verbs)

2 formal evening occasion, with dinner

ADJ. elegant, lavish | formal, official | informal | annual The rugby club's annual dinner is this week. | anniversary, celebratory | farewell | awards, prize-giving | charity, fund-raising | gala A gala dinner was held to celebrate the world premiere of the film. | literary | state A state dinner was held in honour of the visiting Japanese premier.

VERB + DINNER give, hold, throw My old school is giving a fund-raising dinner | attend We're going to attend a formal dinner in aid of cancer research. | be invited to | change for, dress for Are we expected to dress for dinner? | speak at The former Olympic champion was invited to speak at a charity dinner.

DINNER + NOUN party They invited three couples to a dinner party at their house. | engagement | dance | guests | jacket, suit

PHRASES an after-dinner speaker/speech