discomfort noun

1 slight pain

ADJ. acute, considerable, great, severe, growing He became conscious of a growing discomfort. | mild, minor, slight You may experience some slight discomfort after the operation. | bodily, physical

QUANT. amount, degree

VERB + DISCOMFORT complain of, experience, feel, get, have, suffer Some of the patients complained of discomfort. I didn't have much discomfort after the operation. | cause | ease, lessen, reduce, relieve Not eating late at night should help to relieve the discomfort.

PREP. in ~ He appeared to be in great discomfort. | with/without ~ You should be able to drive without discomfort after about two weeks.

2 embarrassment

VERB + DISCOMFORT cause The revelations caused some discomfort to the president. | enjoy Paula smiled, enjoying her sister's discomfort.

DISCOMFORT + VERB grow, increase