document noun

1 official paper/book

ADJ. important, key, seminal one of the key documents in this case | relevant | large, lengthy, long, weighty | brief, short | 10-page, etc. | complete, entire, whole This statement must be understood in the context of the entire document. | summary | detailed | draft | revised | final | original The original document has been lost or destroyed. | electronic, paper, printed, written | published, unpublished | enclosed Please sign the enclosed document and return it to me. | single A constitution need not be a single document. | classified, confidential, privileged (law), (top) secret | private | public | available Documents will be available at the news conference. | internal details of internal UN documents | approved, signed | unsigned | authentic, genuine | forged | disclosed, leaked | government, legal, official | policy, strategy | travel Keep your travel documents in a secure place. | registration a car's registration document | contract, offer, tender (all business) He has promised to post a formal offer document to shareholders by Monday. | briefing | consultation, consultative, discussion, proposal, working a working document in the discussions for a final treaty | basic, framework | guidance | supporting | (legally) binding A document signed abroad is as legally binding as one signed at home. | constitutional, contractual | historical

QUANT. copy

VERB + DOCUMENT draft, draw up, prepare, produce, publish, type, write The government has produced an important new policy document. | revise | disclose (law), issue a consultative document issued by the Department of Trade and Industry | receive | obtain | file Copies of the relevant documents must be filed at court. | hand over/sb, present, submit Supporting documents must be submitted to the supervisory authority. | produce He was unable to produce the document that he claimed would prove his case. | keep | circulate, send (out) | leak documents leaked from the government to the press | read | go through, read through Go through the document checking for errors. | search through, sort through I had to search through 4,000 documents to find the information I needed. | consider, examine, study | accept, adopt, approve, endorse, execute (law), sign The conference adopted a document on minority rights. | authenticate | forge | refer to | address | attach, enclose The relevant documents are enclosed for your information. | scan Existing paper documents could be scanned into a computer.

DOCUMENT + VERB be concerned with sth, concern sth, deal with sth, focus on sth, relate to sth | contain sth, cover sth, include sth documents covering various points of concern | refer to sth | acknowledge sth, describe sth, detail sth, explain sth, indicate sth, list sth, note sth, outline sth, record sth, say sth, set out sth, state sth, tell sb sth The document says they are against tax rebates. | call for sth, propose sth, suggest sth a document calling for a ceasefire | aim at sth, envisage sth, seek sth documents aimed at stimulating discussion | reveal sth, show sth | purport sth Documents leaked to this newspaper purport to reveal that radioactive waste is being illegally dumped on the site. | summarize sth | confirm sth | be agreed (on/upon) a document agreed with the District Council | be called sth, be entitled sth, be headed sth, be known as sth a document entitled ‘Guidelines for Good Practice’ | be written The document is written in Chinese. | exist No other genuine document exists. | date back from/to … , be dated … documents dating back to the 1920s The document is dated 775.

PREP. according to a/the ~ According to leaked cabinet documents, no compensation would be paid. | in a/the ~ He particularly criticized the terminology in the document. | throughout a/the ~ There is a disclaimer throughout the official documents. | ~ about/concerning a document concerning arbitration procedures in Cairo | ~ of a document of 2,000 words a document of 1999 Her journal is an important document of Victorian rural life | ~ on a government document on transport policy

PHRASES a draft/version of a document

2 computer file

ADJ. active, current Highlight a passage in the active document and click on the print icon. | printed

VERB + DOCUMENT open | close | display to display documents on screen | retrieve | scroll through Scroll through the document using the slider bar on the right of the window. | search a software tool for searching documents and retrieving information | create To create a new document, select New from the File menu. | edit | save Save the document before closing. | format | spell check | send Send and receive documents at the click of a button. | receive | print (out)

PREP. in a/the ~ Cut and paste is used to move text to a new place in the document. > Special page at COMPUTER