dog noun

ADJ. domestic, family, household, pet | feral, wild | stray | mongrel | pedigree | lap, toy The lady was kissing a little lap dog. | faithful, friendly | good, well-behaved, well-trained | bad Bad dog! What are you doing there? | dangerous, fierce, killer, savage | mad, rabid | mangy | show | fighting, hunting, working | farm, guard, guide, gun, police, sheep, sledge, sniffer, tracker Sniffer dogs were used to find the drugs. | top (often figurative) The team wanted to prove that they were top dogs in the region.

QUANT. pack

VERB + DOG have, keep, own The dog's owner was fined £500 and banned from keeping dogs for five years. | breed These dogs have been bred to work as guide dogs for the blind. | train He's trained his dog to sit on the back of his bike. | feed | take for a walk, walk I'm just going to walk the dog. | neuter We didn't want puppies so we had the dog neutered. | worm The stray dogs are wormed and treated with flea powder. | muzzle | destroy, put down A dog that savaged a five-year-old child was later destroyed, police have confirmed.

DOG + VERB bark, bay, growl, howl, pant, snarl, whine, yap, yelp The dog barked loudly at the stranger. The little dogs were yapping at my ankles. | bound, roam (sth), run, scamper, trot, walk, wander The dog bounded up to me and started licking my hand. Stray dogs roamed the streets at night. | come/walk to heel | attack sb/sth, bite sb/sth, go for sb/sth, maul sb/sth, savage sb/sth, set upon sb/sth, snap | lie, stretch (out) | lick | chew sth (up), gnaw (at) sth The dog chewed up one of my shoes. A dog was gnawing at an old bone. | sniff, snuffle A dog was sniffing round my heels. | prick up its ears, wag its tail | scratch The dog was scratching at the door to be let in. | foul sth Owners who allow their dogs to foul the footpath will be fined.

DOG + NOUN basket | biscuit, food | collar | dirt, excrement, faeces, mess, poo, shit, turd | breeder, handler, lover, owner, trainer, warden The dog warden rounds up stray dogs and takes them to the dog pound until claimed. | fight | pound | show | racing | track Races have been held at this dog track for seventy years.