doubt noun

ADJ. considerable, grave, real, serious, severe | slight Without the slightest doubt this is a remarkable exhibition. | gnawing, lingering, nagging, niggling | growing, increasing | personal, private He made clear his own private doubts about it. | reasonable We have established beyond all reasonable doubt that the painting was indeed by Rembrandt. | religious

VERB + DOUBT arouse, raise His failure to appear raises serious doubts as to his reliability. | entertain, feel, harbour, have She still felt the same niggling doubt: was he really telling the truth? | express, voice | clear up, dispel, remove, resolve The announcement dispelled any doubts as to the prince's intentions. | cast, throw Her record of dismissals casts doubt on her ability to hold down a job. | call sth into, throw sth into The proposed development has been thrown into doubt by the decision. | be open to Their honesty is open to doubt.

DOUBT + VERB appear, arise Doubts have arisen over the viability of the schedule. | exist Considerable doubt exists as to the precise origin of this custom. | persist, remain | surround sth From the start, doubts surrounded her claim to be the missing heiress.

PREP. beyond (a/all/any) ~ The evidence proves beyond doubt that he is innocent. | in ~ The arrangements for the event still seemed to be in doubt. If in doubt, consult your doctor. | without (a) ~ She is without a doubt the best tennis player I know. | ~ about/over Some committee members still harboured doubts about the plans.

PHRASES beyond/without a shadow of (a) doubt This proves without a shadow of doubt that we were right. | have your doubts about sth They say they'll be here on time, but I have my doubts about that.