drama noun

1 play/theatre

ADJ. powerful | classical, contemporary, modern | musical | radio, television/TV | costume, historical | courtroom, hospital, police Millions follow this hospital drama twice a week.

VERB + DRAMA write It is very difficult to write good drama. | produce the first episode of a new police drama produced for television

DRAMA + NOUN production | serial, series | festival | critic the drama critic for the ‘Sunday Times’ | school, training

PREP. in a/the ~ the actors in a drama | ~ about a powerful television drama about inner-city life > Note at SUBJECT

2 exciting event

ADJ. human | real-life The actor was involved in a real-life drama when he was held up at gunpoint last night.

DRAMA + VERB unfold a collection of people watching the drama unfold outside the nightclub

3 excitement

ADJ. high

QUANT. touch The argument added a touch of drama to an otherwise dull day.

VERB + DRAMA be full of The afternoon was full of drama and excitement. | heighten The arrival of the police heightened the drama further.

PHRASES a moment of drama