drive noun

1 car journey

ADJ. long | easy, short | eight-hour, sixty-mile, etc. | leisurely | pleasant, scenic It's a pleasant drive to the coast. | test

VERB + DRIVE go for, take Let's go for a drive.

PREP. within a ~ All my family live within an hour's drive.

PHRASES a … drive away The lakes are only a short drive away.

2 way a vehicle is moved

ADJ. all-wheel, four-wheel, front-wheel, rear-wheel | left-hand, right-hand Left-hand drive cars make driving in Britain difficult.

3 path/road outside a house

ADJ. sweeping, winding | gravel/gravelled | tree-lined | private | front

DRIVE + VERB sweep, swing A gravel drive swept between manicured lawns.

PREP. down the ~, in the ~, on the ~ There was a car parked on the drive. | up the ~ He walked up the front drive of the vicarage.

4 energy/determination

ADJ. competitive | personal | narrative A lack of narrative drive leaves the reader with piecemeal vignettes.

VERB + DRIVE have | lack He lacks the competitive drive needed to succeed.

5 desire/need

ADJ. innate, inner, instinctive/instinctual | creative | emotional, sex/sexual

6 effort

ADJ. big | relentless | national, nationwide | cost-cutting, efficiency, export, fundraising, marketing, membership, modernization, recruitment, sales | anti-corruption, anti-drug, etc.

VERB + DRIVE launch We're going to launch a big recruitment drive in the autumn.

PREP. ~ against a drive against corruption | ~ by the recent recruitment drive by the police | ~ for the country's drive for modernization | ~ towards a drive towards higher safety standards

7 computing

ADJ. CD-ROM, disk, DVD, floppy, hard, zip

8 in sport

ADJ. powerful, strong, thunderous | angled, crisp | left-foot, right-foot (in football) Cole scored with a thunderous left-foot drive. | backhand, forehand (in tennis) a forehand drive down the line

VERB + DRIVE hit | hook, slice (in golf) > Special page at SPORT