dry adj.

VERBS be, feel, look, seem | become, get, go, run Come into the warm and get dry, both of you. Ruth felt her mouth go dry. The wells in most villages in the region have run dry. (figurative) Vaccine supplies started to run dry as the flu outbreak reached epidemic proportions. | keep, remain, stay We managed to keep dry by huddling in a doorway. There is every prospect of the weather remaining dry this week. | pat sb/sth, rub sb/sth, towel sb Rinse the mushrooms and pat dry. He towelled himself dry. | bleed sb, milk sb, squeeze sb, suck sb (all figurative) The big corporations are bleeding some of these small countries dry (= taking all their money). | keep sth This type of wound is best kept dry without a dressing.

ADV. excessively, extremely, very | bone, completely, perfectly, quite, thoroughly, totally The river was bone dry. Make sure the paint is thoroughly dry. | almost, nearly | barely, hardly, scarcely (often figurative) The ink was scarcely dry on the ceasefire agreement before fighting broke out again. | mainly, mostly The day will start bright and mainly dry. | a bit, a little, rather, reasonably, relatively