emerge verb

1 come out

ADV. slowly | suddenly | finally, eventually

PREP. from The world is only slowly emerging from recession. | into They suddenly emerged into brilliant sunshine. | out of the musical forms that emerged out of the American black experience

2 become known

ADV. clearly, strongly One thing emerges very clearly from this study. | gradually | quickly The answer to the problem quickly emerged. | recently | later, subsequently It subsequently emerged that he had known about the deal all along. | eventually, ultimately What eventually emerged from the election disaster was a realization that it was time for change.

VERB + EMERGE begin to, start to Problems with this drug are now beginning to emerge.

PREP. from Several facts started to emerge from my investigation.

3 start to exist

ADV. rapidly The Pacific region has rapidly emerged as a leading force on the world stage. | gradually, slowly

PHRASES newly emerged/emerging newly emerging areas of science