energy noun

1 ability to be active/work hard

ADJ. boundless, indefatigable, inexhaustible, unflagging I admire her boundless energy. | surplus | nervous, restless | youthful | creative There was a lack of creative energy in the British film industry.

QUANT. amount, level You can judge how healthy you are by the amount of energy you have. | great deal Bringing up twins requires a great deal of energy. | burst With a sudden burst of energy, he ran to the top of the hill.

VERB + ENERGY be bursting with, be full of, have The children are always full of energy. I don't seem to have any energy these days. | lack He never seems to lack energy. | expend, put She put all her energies into her work. | channel, devote, direct, turn We're trying to deal with young offenders by channelling their energy into sport rather than crime. | conserve, save | work off The kids were running around crazily, working off their surplus energy. | waste We don't want to waste our energy trying to persuade people who are just not interested. | sap The hills sapped his energy and he got off his bike for frequent rests. | dissipate The volunteers' energy was dissipated by the enormous amounts of paperwork involved in the project.

ENERGY + VERB flag It was late and my energy was beginning to flag.

PHRASES an outlet for your energy Football gives them an outlet for their energy. | a waste of energy It's a waste of energy cutting this grass?nobody's going to see it.

2 source of power

ADJ. renewable the change from fossil fuels to renewable energy | atomic, nuclear, solar, wave, wind

QUANT. amount The new power station produces vast amounts of energy.

VERB + ENERGY generate, produce | harness attempts to harness solar energy | provide, supply | consume, use | store No battery could store enough energy to turn over a car's engine. | conserve, save | waste | need, require

ENERGY + NOUN production | consumption, use | demand, needs, requirements total energy requirements for the coming year | supply The nuclear plant provides a fifth of the nation's energy supplies. | resources, sources | conservation, savings equipment that offers long-term energy savings | efficiency | bill, costs, prices | crisis, problem, shortage The country could face an energy crisis if demand continues to rise. | company, industry, sector state control of the energy industries | market The cost of solar power needs to fall before it makes an impact on the energy market. | management, plan, policy, programme, project, strategy a government-sponsored renewable energy project

PHRASES a demand for energy The demand for energy and fuel is expected to increase dramatically. | energy-saving energy-saving features that can reduce energy bills by 50% | a form of energy, a source of energy